The Learning Source has a team of approximately 60 dedicated staff and 130 volunteers, representing over 25 sites in Denver and along the Front Range!

Meet some members of the program team

Josh Evans

Daun Miller-Barr

Sarah Secrist
J. Harcey
Dr. Aimee Callahan
Chief Executive Officer 
Accounting & HR Associate 
Chief Operating Officer 
 Chief Learning Officer 
Harry Chan

Andrea Martinez
J. Harcey
Jessika Harcey 
Margie Wagner
Family Literacy Program Manager 
Family Literacy Program Coordinator 
Library Program Manager 
FRCC Program Manager 
Lisa Maes-Cruz

Noel Chalman

Mark Lauer 

Cedric Lindsay
Distance Learning Coordinator 
East Site Coordinator 
Corrections Coordinator 
Lead Student Success Coach  

Tamara Stubbs
Lindsay Rice

Rick Osborne

Ujunwa Okeke
Red Rocks CC, Program Coordinator 
Central Mountain, Program Coordinator 
Information Technology 
Marketing Associate 

Norma Morehead

Ashleigh Moller
Operation Assistant 
Pueblo, Site Coordinator