College Transition

The Learning Collaborative (TLC) 

Do you need additional skills in math or English to enter a college level course?  The Learning Collaborative at Red Rocks can help!

Enroll or Co-enroll in our FREE non-credit course in math or English to receive over 80 hours of remote instruction and additional tutoring to help fill the gaps in your knowledge and prepare you for success in college!

Successful completion prepares you for courses such as Math 050 and 107 or CCR 092 or 094. 

These are NOT GED classes; these are refresher courses for students who are thinking about attending college and just want to review their basic math and English skills.
CRN Course Start   End  Days Time Location
4035 Math 1001-040 7/6/22 8/18/22 M/W/TH 6 pm - 9 pm REA 1415
5002 Math 1001-040 9/7/22 12/15/22 M/W/TH 6 pm - 9 pm hybrid course *
5001 Math 1001-001 9/7/22 12/15/22 T/W/TH 9 am - 12 am REA 1415
5065 PERS 1001-001 English 9/7/22 12/15/22 T/W/TH 1 pm - 4 pm REA 1415

Complete the online Formstack form [] to pre-register for the Learning Collaborative course.  You will be contacted about how to enroll.  

* Class will meet remotely (ZOOM) on Monday and Wednesday evenings and face-to-face on Thursday evenings. 

For more information contact Tamara Stubbs at or call 303-914-6571